Lipowsky's personal support Internal and external LIN- & CAN-Bus workshops



Founded as an engineering bureau by Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Lipowsky in 1986.
Changed to Lipowsky Industrie-Elektronik GmbH in 1992.





Development and production of microcontroller equipped electronic units for automotive, industrial and scientific applications. We are specialized on LIN and CAN-Bus systems and realtime, multitasking applications.
Our preferred hardware platforms are:

  • 8051 (Infineon, Phillips, Dallas)
  • MB90F3XX/4XX family (Fujitsu)
  • AVR AT-MEGA family (Atmel) 
  • C167/XC161 (Infineon)
  • LPC2XXX family (NXP formerly Phillips)
  • ARM-7 and ARM-9 derivates

Since 2003, we also support Ethernet on our micro-controller platforms.





Hardware development, PCB-Layout, prototype realisation, EMI-investigations. Software development in C (Keil/Tasking) and C++ (MS VC++, GNU-C), with or without RTOS.





We can produce your electronic products in ranges from 10 to several 1000 pieces per lot. Our capabilities include all SMT related processes, including wave-, reflow- and vapor phase soldering.





CiA (CAN in Automation) since 1996
FED (Fachverband Elektronik Design) since 1999
LIN Consortium from 2007 to 2010

ASAM Association since october 2015





We apply a quality management, according to ISO 9001:2015
and we are approved with DQS certificate nr. 062257 QM15

Certification as PDF-File

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