Hard- and Software-Development for industrial applications Development and production of industrial applications Entwicklungsbegleitende Messungen

Planning and realization of LIN and CAN applications


If desired, we will support you from the beginning of your project to the very end.


Information retrieval

We can tell you which data you will need for your project (e.g. LDF/DBC), where you get the data and which of our products will be the best choice for solving your problems. If desired, we can settle technical uncertainties directly with your employer or tell you which questions are necessary when discussing the project with your employer yourself.


Preparation of specifications

If there has not been provided an orderly definition of your task, we will use the given information to prepare a specification for the requested test, which can be put into practice by your employer later on.


SDF creation

Furthermore we are able to create SDF files for you which describe all needed communication functions and the functional logic of your test applications.


SDF review

Even if you create an SDF yourself you may want to benefit from our experience. Making use of our cost-efficient SDF reviews we will help you to remove weak points within the implementation.


TeamViewer support

The use of TeamViewer allows us to take a direct look at your problems from your point of view. This is how we can easily track down bugs and other errors without much effort.


Programming of custom-built applications

Gladly we will write a program for you. Just tell us what the desired application must be able to do and we make it become a reality. Hereby we resort to the programming languages C, C++, C#, Visual Basic .NET, LabVIEW and Python.



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